10 Fitness Tips

10 Fitness Tips

Here is a quick list of 10 tips to help you get and stay in shape:

1. Drink a large glass of water before every meal to help you digest your food better and eat less.

2. Plan to do something active six days a week.  Make one day a rest day or do something relaxing like gentle stretching/yoga.

3. Sign up for a new exercise class or a race for motivation.

4. Add intervals to your cardio routine to increase your calorie burn for the whole day.

5. Eat fewer carbohydrates at night, when you are less likely to use them for fuel.

6. Do NOT starve yourself.  This will almost always backfire and cause weight gain in the end.

7. Have three balanced meals and 2-3 snack in between to keep your blood sugar balanced and energy high.

8. Start your day with lean protein and fiber.  An omelet with fresh vegetables or a bowl of oatmeal with protein powder are two good options.

9. Throw away the junk in your refrigerator! If you don’t have it you can’t eat it.  Replace the junk with healthier options that you enjoy.

10. Keep a journal of your workouts and daily eating habits.  It will help you see what works and what doesn’t.  I love MyFitnessPal.com  It’s free and easy to use.


Look for even more tips in my next blog.  As always, if you have any fitness or nutrition questions call me!

October 2, 2012 Kerri Davis