In Home Workouts

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Why Train at Home?

The number one reason why most people say they don’t work out is because it simply isn’t convenient. Usually, it is because they just don’t have enough time with work, family, or school obligations to fit in a trip to the gym on top of everything else. When the personal trainer comes to you, there really are no more excuses. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about what everyone else is doing. you can wear what you feel is comfortable and be confident that you are getting a personalized, effective, and stress free workout, which is convenient to you and your schedule.

Do I Need Equipment?

Although each workout is tailored to the individual, most clients will not need a lot of equipment. Circuit training is the fastest way to lose fat while toning up and requires very little fitness equipment. Your trainer can bring lighter free weights, balls, bands and other items to complement body weight exercises. Of course, if you already have equipment at home or in your community gym we will utilize those as well.

Is it Expensive?

Fit to You offers in home personal training at the same cost as training at the gym. If you are outside the Wilmington, NC city limits, a mileage fee may apply. A free consultation is the best way to determine if in home personal training works for you.