Corporate Wellness

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Fit to You can help your coworkers and employees get fit, lose weight, and reduce health care costs. With new health insurance laws, employee wellness is more important than ever to employers. Not only does having healthy employees save businesses money, but it improves employee moral and has been shown to increase productivity. When coworkers work out together, it also encourages teamwork and motivation.

There are many options available to your business. Fit to You can come to your office and provide bootcamp classes during a convenient time, such as after work or at lunch. Fitness or Weight Loss Challenges are a great way to encourage healthy competition and see measurable results. Fit to You has participated in The Fittest Executive Challenge; training and providing nutrition counseling to the Wilmington Business Journal and Wilma executives with fantastic results. Kerri K. Davis was also on the fitness team that helped the New Hanover Co executives win the Cut the Fat out of Government Challenge. She has also helped other local businesses improve their employees health through nutrition counseling and group circuit training workouts.

“Kerri Davis worked with me and my team throughout the Fittest Execs Challenge sponsored by the Greater Wilmington Business Journal from October until January. We had her come to our office two days per week and we would exercise for an hour. Everyone on my team benefited in improving our overall health—we all lost inches and could definitely see a big difference in how our clothes fit. We also won third place for most improved team in the competition which was fantastic. Kerri kept the sessions fun by having us do a circuit and we never got bored doing the exercises. My team and I are convinced we would not have taken third place if we were left on our own to exercise and diet—we know we would have found an excuse not to work out or be accountable. Thanks to Kerri we were accountable – even throughout the holidays. Thank you Kerri.”

Judy Budd, Associate Publisher at Greater Wilmington Business Journal/Wilma Magazine